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A food tour from Positano to discover the flavour of Sorrento and sorrento coast during your holiday in Italy is a great opportunity to savour the tastes and delicacies that have made Italian cooking one of the most reputable in the world. In particular, the cuisine of Southern Italy with the Mediterranean diet is one of the richest in scents, flavours and colours and healthy at the same time, recommended worldwide.

Good food here is homely and is found in a thousand recipes thanks to the skill of our chefs and housewives who use our products: extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, organic fruit and vegetables, the famous Sorrento lemons and the mozzarella cheese and typical cheeses (Provolone del Monaco), dairy products from farms in the Sorrento peninsula.


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Duration: 6 hours approximately

Our gastronomic tour from Positano,  begins in Sorrento with a visit to a mill town where, for over a century, it produces one of the best olive oils of the Sorrento peninsula.

The olive tree in the peninsula is a plant that strongly characterises our landscapes. Along the coastal road, you will see entire stretches of trees on the terraces of the rocky coast. Majestic plants, that are hundreds of years old, are located in many olive groves and these centuries-old olive trees represent a source of income, a cultural and historical heritage for the hotels in Sorrento. Each year the olive harvest is a tradition that becomes a moment of celebration for the arrival of new oil and whole families gather to work together for the harvesting and production.

During our food tour in Sorrento , you will learn how oil is produced, witness the pressing of the olives freshly picked from the land and taste various kinds of oil. ‘Good’ oil on bread has always been one of the favourite foods in our country and ‘bread, olive oil and sugar’ is the favourite snack for the children.

Our journey into the flavours of Southern Italy continues with the visit to a cheese factory, a factory of mozzarella and local cheeses. Here an expert cheese maker will explain the various procedures and all the steps to make the local milky Sorrento mozzarella.

The Sorrento mozzarella, true pride of mozzarella cheese makers, takes many different forms: singular portions called bocconcini, treccine and trecce of great weight and the classic oval shapes, and it is the main ingredient of a pizza along with tomatoes, basil and the fragrant local oil.

Our tour continues in a typical pizzeria where a master pizza chef will show you the art of pizza, garnishing it with freshly made mozzarella, showing you the recipe of a 'real' Neapolitan pizza whose dough is made with sourdough.

On request a cooking class is also available, to learn how to make pizza and bake it in the oven. At the end of course, you will taste your ‘creation’. Last stop on our Sorrento food tour is to visit one of the oldest liqueur factories, whose flagship is the limoncello, the typical liqueur made with Sorrento lemon skins, alcohol and sugar.

You will have free time for a walk in the historical centre of the city and taste homemade ice cream in one of the most famous ice cream shops in Sorrento, that besides the taste of Sorrento citrus lemon and orange, will offer many other Mediterranean flavours. 

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