Pompeii archaeological shore excursion from Sorrento

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If you are arriving at the port of Sorrento, you can't fail to take one of the most interesting excursions, departing from this port. Pompeii, the city that has one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the world, is not far from Sorrento and visiting this wonderful archaeological site, which is one of the most visited in Italy with about 3 million visitors each year, will truly be the ideal excursion from the port of Sorrento.

One of our drivers will pick you up at the port of Sorrento with a modern, fully equipped Mercedes car, and he will drive you to the entrance of the archaeological site, the Porta Marina, so called because it leads straight to the sea.


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details of this shore excursion

Duration: 5 hours approximately

Here you can choose to do the tour of Pompeii independently providing yourself with an audio guide or decide to hire a licensed guide, recommended by your driver, who has expert knowledge of the archaeological site of Pompeii, and who will explain every detail of the city that came to light after being buried for nearly 20 centuries under a layer of lava and ash.

Pompeii infact, already destroyed in a previous earthquake in 62AD, was completely buried under nearly 10 metres of various materials by the fury of the Vesuvius eruption on 24 August 79AD.

Everything was crystallized at that time and only continuous excavations  have brought to light the buildings that we see on the site during our excursion to Pompeii from Sorrento port.

You will see the Foro, the temples, the paved streets where you can still see the traces left by the wheels of the carts, like the Via dell'Abbondanza, on which the most famous shops and private houses and buildings overlooked: the Villa dei Misteri, the Casa dei Vettii the Casa del Fauno and the Lupanare (the brothel of the city).

The visit to the excavations lasts about 2 - 2 1/2 hours and ends with the return to the port of Sorrento. If you want to optimise your time, the excursion from Sorrento can be customised with another stop of your choice and can touch other famous destinations of the Neapolitan coast: Herculaneum, the Summit of Vesuvius, or the city of Naples.  

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